Stella di Mare sits on a large and secluded 2+ acre lot that fronts on the beach. The house is separated from the access road and its neighbours by strips of jungle with the result that there is total privacy both front and back.

The covered portion of the sea side veranda has 2 day beds that are perfect for catching cooling easterly breezes while remaining shaded from the hot mid day sun.

For those who might want to avoid the wind, there is an oversized patio on the garden side that is protected by the U-shaped configuration of the house.

Being adjacent the beach, landscaping can be a challenge, but with the help of our weekly gardener we have been quite successful in establishing a salt tolerant garden. Shrubs and plants include desert rose, oleander, hibiscus, ixora, button wood, sea lettuce, yellow elder (the Bahamian national flower), ficus, bougainvillea and sea grape. As well as the indigenous casuarina (Australian pines), our trees include a variety of palms including coconut palms, Norfolk pines, African tulip trees, orchid trees, sea hibiscus, and royal poinciana.

The house is built in the middle portion of the lot which is about 15 feet higher than the beach. To get to the water, there is a short staircase and then a pathway to the beach that winds through coconut palms and casuarina trees. When returning to the house after swimming, kayaking, or just relaxing under the thatched roof of our beach hut, we have an outdoor shower at the foot of the stairs to rinse off the salt and sand.